The area around modern day Austin TX had its first permanent settlement in 1835. Names after Stephen F. Austin, The Father of Texas, founded the village of Waterloo when the land was still part of Mexico. It was renamed Austin in 1839.


In 1871, the first train arrived in Austin. The Texas State Capital was built and completed in 1888. The University of Texas was founded in Austin in 1883.


In 1900, a great storm caused a dam to overflow and eventually break, sending a wall of water over Austin, leveling almost everything in its path, and killing 47 people. The city recovered and rebuilt, and a series of 7 dams and reservoirs were built on the Colorado River for future flood control.


The city continues to grow and expand, with largest employers being The University of Texas, State Government and support industry, and technology industries, both large and small. A strong economy, low housing costs, good music and a host of entertainment and things to do, flood the city with new residents, young people in particular.



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