Employment Contracts

By Lisa Monroe

Employment contracts are becoming more and more common in the work force. They include stipulations that people have to abide by and agree to should they decide to work for the company. There are many different clauses that can be included in an employment contract. The employer does this to protect their own investment in the employee. It is time consuming and expensive to train new people.

Many employment contracts state the employee must work for them for a certain length of time. This can be six months or a year in most cases. Should they not do so, they may have to reimburse the employer for certain classes and training that were provided to them at no cost. There may be a stipulation in there that the employee is eligible for a bonus at the end of that specific period of time.

Confidentiality is a big issue in many types of businesses. It is customary for them to have part of the contract covering this issue. This binds the employees to keep what they see and hear confidential. They can’t take that information to someone else that is a competitor or just to share it. This clause is very important when the company is working on developing new products.

Some types of employment contracts state that the employee agrees not to go into business on their own as a competitor for a certain length of time. Sometimes it goes as far as to say they can’t do it in a certain radius either. This makes sense when you consider how many employees work for a company and then later branch out on their own after they have built up a good reputation for themselves.

Should you be asked to sign an employment contract you want to look over all the details very carefully? You are legally bound by the information that is in that contract. You can’t be forced into signing it, but most employers won’t give you the job if you aren’t willing to do so on their terms.

Employment contracts are something you will be seeing more due to how they protect the employer. They also help to ensure the employees know what is expected of them. This helps to eliminate common problems that may arise. It is usually a good method of building a solid working relationship for both parties. For more help with contracts go tohttp://tinyurl.com/ljbjtb

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